Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Beti Khilao

By Nandini Taneja

While some people were expecting the obvious, some others were shocked to know that the first medal at Rio Olympics 2016 was brought in India by a person with uterus and ovaries. What? Yes!! That’s a female!! A female who gives birth to a male. The eve without whom Adam is nothing. A Woman who proves at every point that she is nowhere less than a man!


From Jhansi Ki Rani to Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu & Aditi Ashok, the super girls have outperformed the ‘strong muscle possessing’ creatures of the land for the sake of nation’s pride. These women belong to the same society where it is taught that sports are not womanly. It is a matter of pride that these golden birds were able to break the social barriers and came flying to clean this dirty shit out of the minds of the millions of patriarchal minded people.

While Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian woman gymnast who qualified for Olympics, Sakshi Malik brought a bronze medal in wrestling and PV Sindhu became the first Indian women to bag a silver for India in badminton! Isn’t it great? The so-called soft, delicate, emotionally weak, physically feeble girls who were supposed to excel in household chores are winning medals in sports. The exhilarating moments that we all Indians experienced last few days are because of these three athletes who belong to different corners of the country. Far from stars or great contenders, brand ambassadors or role models, Dipa, Sakshi and Sindhu were non-contenders, as the Nation had thought of them. And the more tantalizing thing is that a girl like them could be found anywhere in India. She could be found standing at any bus stop protecting herself from constant gaze of some perverts. She could be found at going to school dreaming to give her parents a comfortable life. She could be found going to her office regularly for the sake of brightening her kid’s future. She could be any girl playing in the streets and wondering if she could ever fly to make India proud by winning a medal! All it needs is a fire and when it is ignited within a girl, she puts up her uniform and voices out to the world that she is ready! She is ready to fight!! She is ready to be recognized as Dipa, Sakshi or Sindhu! She is ready to be recognized as India’s pride! Once the shackles are broken nobody can stop a girl to prove her worth. No doubt she is a princess to her father. But she is a fighter as well. Yes she is emotional but this is her strength! She is sacred. She is pure. She is the one who has the divine power to give birth. She has the power to bear all the pains that occurred to her. She doesn’t need any male dominated society to support her. She has all the right to educate herself. She has the freedom to choose her career as per her choice. She is at full liberty to play any sport. She is not at any mercy of any man. She can decide all by herself. She can execute that as well. She is not stupid to be taught how to dress. She is not a property to use. She is not born to get raped. She is not an object to be treated as Goddesses at one time and get victimized of body shaming at the other times. She is not a slave!! Gone are the days when she needed an opportunity to live her dreams. Now it’s the time she has herself come at the front foot to grab this opportunity. She can, does and will break all the barriers that come her way. She is no more a doll now. She is no more a household object now. She has reached the moon. She has grabbed a bronze, a silver, a recognition and much love from the entire nation.

Time has changed and so should the mindset. Its time to extend the slogan “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” to “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Beti Khilao” because it’s the girls who made the country proud the same way they make their fathers proud! The need of the hour is to understand that Indian parents can’t complain of not winning medals for them when they themselves want their children to become doctors or engineers. Also, girls should be respected and protected but should not be felt weak and unsecured outside the house. Respect her choice, respect her liberty to live peacefully, respect her brain, respect her beauty, respect her loyalty, respect her dreams, respect her trust, respect her for what she is!!

Jimmedarion ka bojh pariwar par pada, toh auto riksha bhi chalane lagi betiyan.
Bhaiyon ne himmat hari maidaan-e-Olympic me, toh aaj medal tak bhi dilaane lagi betiyaan!!

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