Make Your Words Count!

By CA Virag Shah

We all as Professionals and students of professional courses have to write daily by compulsion or by passion.

Then why not to make it a passion!!!

Each day, we are writing some or the other official letters / emails, writing in various reports, or reporting to seniors. No matter what our reason for writing may be, developing a daily writing habit can be extremely beneficial to different areas of your life.

One of my uncle says, “All professional are writers, some practice and some don’t.

The best reason to develop writing as a daily habit is because it’s a great skill to have.


Write for yourself.

Just begin somewhere — anywhere. Start small and build.

Let’s start writing with your daily job profile. If your job profile is taxation, then you may write an article on 10 check points that must be taken care before start tax audit or 7 tax saving tips for common man. If your job profile is Internal Audit, then you may write article on Importance of Internal audit in an Organisation or Benefits of Internal Audit to the Top Management. If you are working with Bank or Involved in Concurrent Audit of a Bank, then you may write article on Banking Laws or Documents required for various loans or Responsibilities of Managers in Banking Sectors. If you are working with IT Company, then you may write article on Importance of Technology. If you are dealing with Stock, then you may write on Advice to new entrant – points to keep in mind by new entrant etc.

Pick a topic and devote 30 minutes a day to writing. In a fifteen days or even sooner, you will finish your first article. After a couple of months of writing daily, you can go back and see how you were when you started.

Seeing yourself grow is a fruitful experience.

Critical Thinking

Writing skills will enhance your thinking and it will develop your thinking capacity. Believe me, you will start thinking anything in a broader prospective.

For writing on any subject, first you must be well-informed with the subject and for the purpose you have to read, read a lot. Then only you can express in a better way.

If you want to become a better writer, start reading more books. I will advise to all young professionals and students to read at least 100 books. If you start as a 25 year old, make a target of 10 books per year. Whatever your problems is, there is at least one decent book offering solution. Books hides incredible value and knowledge. Once you become a regular reader, you will realise how much you miss out if you refused to read. The impact books have made (and still making) on my life is gigantic.

You develop critical thinking skills that you learn through your writing and it helps you become a better talker, thinker, and doer.

Language Command

The most important reason that I have for you is that writing forces you to learn about the English language, whether you want to or not. You’re going to learn more words on your journey, whether it’s indirectly through contextual examples or directly from a dictionary. You start to build a tool belt of your best words, ideas, and phrases that you can use at any time. This gives you more of a chance to make a real difference with your words, not only on paper but orally as well. Your drafting will improve significantly. Drafting skill may change your career at any point of time.
Command over the English language is very important as it is the most widely spoken and influential of all languages.

Just Write.


The number one piece of advice that distinguished professionals will give is this: write.

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

81 % of the population feels they could write, but only the minority takes action and starts writing. The truth is, once you begin to write, you are a writer. Finishing an article may become a challenging task but the sense of satisfaction afterwards is definitely worth it.

Continue this for a Year, you will drastically improve your language and could provide the material that someday becomes a published book. Suppose, in a month you will write only one Article, by the end of the year you will have twelve Article and then you may find it as your passion, and you become author by that time. You don’t know until you try.

You say you don’t know where to start!!

Start right now by writing a comment on this article, then keep writing something every day. When you begin to experience the benefits, do remember to get back here and share your experiences.

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  1. Hello, Mr Shah!
    I’ve been a silent reader of indiangaap for a long time now. This post has really inspired me and I thought I should share it with you. I am going to start writing now and hopefully will churn out something worth reading for the indiangaap family too.
    Thank you!

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